Services is a proven method of developing leads that buy. We have a history of success at resellers such as Accunet, Fishnet and several other key VAR’s.

We set up appointments with Fortune 500 and F2500 companies on behalf of your sales teams.

A Proven Approach  to Client Acquisition 

Regardless of your marketing ideology, at the end of the day someone at some time has to speak to a client in order to get a sale. Client acquisition process has multiple stages. We help in a specific critical area – your first verbal communication towards initial engagement. At we take the simple approach of calling customers directly – in support of email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing, webinars etc. We do it all. If you seek to control the cost of customer acquisition and make a managed, positive first impression on your target clients, then hire us.

We have several pricing tiers and welcome your email to discuss how we can make a difference. You will be hiring your own personal army of dedicated hunters to secure appointments with key individuals. We make a difference to your bottom line!

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